Wood For A Common Good

Vermont Good Wood To Help Four Families’ Home Heating  Needs For The Winter

This year as part of our Wood For A Common Good Program we’ve decided to sponsor four families who are struggling with basis needs…such as heating their home for the winter.

We live in an affluent area for sure. However, there are many families who struggle to make ends meet. Money needed for education or healthcare often goes to paying for the basics like heat and food. As a result someone in the family suffers.
We feel fortunate to be able to live in this area and to have built a business that so many of our customers truly appreciate. As a result, we want to give a little back to help others in need and make their winters a little more comfortable.
So far we have found two households who will be taking us up on our offer. Both homes have wood burning stoves (a must for any home we help).
  One family has a daughter who recently started college…with three more daughters lined up to go in the
    coming years. We all know how expensive any college education can be. So in addition to helping heat the home
    we hope some of the savings will go to furthering her education.
  Another is a farm house (yes they still exists in Fairfield County) that heats exclusively with wood. Times are
    tough and we hope our contribution of wood will make the mornings a bit brighter and the evenings a bit
    warmer for this family.

If you know of a family who could benefit from this program please call 203-637-5200 or email me grant@vermontgoodwood.com, to discuss. They will need an operable wood burning stove and a way to pick up the wood in Stamford. They can come as often as they need to replenish their supply of wood for home heating. Also, if you’d like to help we’d be happy to have others sponsor an additional family or two.
Warm and Cozy Regards,
Grant and the Vermont Good Wood Team