What Others Say


I am just having my first fire with your wood. It is as a fire should be. I'd almost forgotten what that was like. Please stay in business so I can keep ordering wood from you.
Thank you so much!
Nancy M.

We enjoyed our first fire with your wood on that rainy Sunday just past. It was great! Thanks for the great fire and terrific service. Regards, NB

Having spent over 20 years in the U.S. Army Special Operations, one thing I know a lot about is how to keep warm. I have used endless different wood suppliers (including cutting and curing my own) and your Vermont Good Wood is without a doubt the finest product available in Fairfield County bar none- Period- End of story. I have years of training in building fires in all imaginable conditions and I can assure anybody who likes wood fires that your wood passes the test every time: easily stated, consistent burn, regular heat pattern (no sputtering) and complete burn. Additionally, I have a very high quality wood burning stove and your wood is the ONLY wood that does not smoke in it at all. Keep up the great work! NM


Seldom do I send out an email praising a product or service but this time I couldn’t resist.  My favorite part of fall and winter is the wood burning fires I have going almost continually.  Since moving here, I have yet find a source for dried fire wood that actually burns. Well, the other day I was at McArdles and there was this rack stacked with clean, bark-free kiln dried wood in a beautiful steel rack with cover.  I had an inaugural fire and can tell you, this wood is amazing.  It burns slowly and ALL of it burns.  No half burned logs to clean up the next day, only ashes. 

I think this is a really great concept…. I don’t k now the guy who owns it, I have no money invested, and I am speaking only as a happy consumer.
K. H.

I saw a sign at the chocolate shop…“Good fudge isn’t cheap and cheap fudge isn’t good.” …and thought of you. Thanks Vermont Good Wood!
Lawrence M. 

Vermont Good "GREAT" Wood! Thank You!

Customer envelope to Vermont Good Wood says it all!!

Well, to no one's surprise, your wood turns out to be outstanding. 

Burning it makes me realize your competitor's product is more like soggy cinder-blocks. Can't tell you the number of times I set up the wood stove with newspaper, a few strips of Fatwood, and some

(inferior) logs, got it going, came back in 15 minutes to find a smoldering black mess.

Your wood burns! Imagine that!

Life’s too short to drink bad wine or have lousy fires. I already had the wine thing figured out. Now I have the wood thing all set. Thanks.   
Ken D.

Grant dropped a bunch of this wood in my fire basket one day and said enjoy. It was unbelievable how it burnt. Unlike any of the stuff we’ve ever bought around here. I had to ask him why it burnt so well. Know I know. Kiln dried Vermont Hardwood. Vermont Good Wood is the best.
Bill B.

I laughed when my husband said he ordered some Good Wood for us. But you know what? It was really Good Wood! Great fires! No joke!
Nancy D.