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Vermont Good Wood In Stamford

Nordic Stove in Stamford is the leading dealer of wood burning stoves and fireplaces serving all of Fairfield County. When you drive by their Stamford store you’ll see a large storage cube filled with Vermont Good Wood. It’s right outside their front door.

Nordic Stove features Vermont Good Wood kiln dried firewood because they know it is the absolute best firewood in Stamford and surrounding towns. They asked Vermont Good Wood if they could feature the firewood at their store.

Why? Nordic wanted to make sure their customers had access to really great firewood. No sense having a great fireplace and having wood that was subpar. They found that any customers who had problems with their new stoves and fireplaces could most always be traced to inferior wood. To eliminate that problem they now suggest that customers use Vermont Good Wood for really great fires.

Find out what the experts and Stamford know. That Vermont Good Wood is the driest, cleanest burning wood you can buy in Stamford and the surrounding New York Metro market.

Better wood, better fires, happier you! Find out for yourself and call or email Vermont Good Wood. We’ll stop by in a day or two with the best wood you have ever experienced.