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Firewood Pelham

Do you think about firewood? At Vermont Good Wood, that is all they think about. Their slogan of “Better Wood. Better Fires. Happier You.” gives you just a glimpse into what they are all about. If you own a home in Pelham you know what Vermont Good Wood is all about as you see them delivering wood to your friends and neighbors on a regular basis. If you are one of the stubborn few who has chosen to cut your own wood rather than have a wood delivery service, you might not be taking full advantage of your fireplace or outdoor fire pit simply because you don’t want to have to cut more wood.

The time to change your thinking is now. It’s time for you to allow Vermont Good Wood to deliver wood right to your home for you to burn, making it much easier for you. The wood from Vermont Good Wood is kiln dried (a feature you won’t get unless you have your own kiln) and is guaranteed to be bug free and clean enough to store indoors. There is no way for you to ensure your wood collected is as clean or bug free, which means you have to go outside whenever you want wood for a fire.

Instead of causing yourself the grief of cutting and having to retrieve wood from outside, allow Vermont Good Wood to bring wood to your Pelham home for you. They offer racks to set up at your home for the storage of the wood and keep the wood covered and dry. Vermont Good Wood also offers fatwood and kindling to make it easy for you to start your fires, and if you have the space indoors will gladly set up your wood storage inside your home.

With the on time delivery and awesome products from Vermont Good Wood, you can be sure your firewood will be perfect for any use you may have. Save yourself the work and worry and let Vermont Good Wood be your Pelham firewood supplier and enjoy the awesome feeling a fire can give you for warmth and comfort without all the work and hassle cutting wood can be.