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Firewood New Canaan

Kiln Dries Firewood In New Canaan

Why buy kiln dried firewood in New Canaan as opposed to seasoned firewood?

The seasoned firewood in New Canaan is usually not very good…wet, moldy, buggy, and musty. You really don’t want it in your home and can’t count on it burning well.

In contrast, Vermont Good Wood’s kiln dried firewood in consistently very dry, clean and pest free. In fact our firewood is USDA certified bug free. It so clean in fact that many restaurants in New Canaan have it in their kitchens for use in their wood burning ovens and fireplaces.

We started Vermont Good Wood because we found it almost impossible to find decent seasoned firewood in areas such as New Canaan. We heard how frustrated folks in towns such as New Canaan were with the existing wood and we knew we could do better.

When you try Vermont Good Wood you’ll understand the difference that 100’s of folks in New Canaan have already discovered. Chances are your neighbors in New Canaan already use Vermont Good Wood and are probably raving about it. In fact, we are Angie’s List highest rated firewood supplier in New Canaan.

Try for yourself and see the difference and you’ll be amazed! We hope you become another very satisfied Vermont Good Wood customer in New Canaan.