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Firewood Larchmont

Kiln Dried Firewood in Larchmont

More and more families in Larchmont are putting in outdoor fireplaces and fire pits and enjoying the outdoors and family gatherings more than ever. It’s a great way to unplug and share old and new family and friend rituals around the fire.

Vermont Good Wood is the leading supplier of kiln dried firewood to families in Larchmont and surrounding areas. Folks in Larchmont have found that it is really hard to find decent seasoned firewood around town. The solution: many have switched to Vermont Good Wood kiln dried firewood because they know they will always get great burning firewood no matter what time of year they order.

Also, many folks in Larchmont are installing wood burning outdoor pizza ovens and have found that Vermont Good Wood’s kiln dried firewood is excellent for cooking purposes. Not only does the wood generate incredible heat it is also certified pest free by the USDA…who wants bugs around their food! Yuk!

So if you live in Larchmont or the surrounding towns we hope you’ll give us a call for your outdoor fire needs. We’d like to make you another happy customer of Vermont Good Wood!